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The story of Klaus Thormählen GmbH

Klaus Thormählen GmbH is a successful, internationally-active rail welding company headquartered in Bad Oldesloe, Germany. “Tread new paths” – this guideline has determined the self-image of the company from the start and has proved itself successfully several times.

In particular the technology of MOBILE FLASH-BUTT WELDING and the PROCESS CHAIN “JOINTLESS RAIL” brands the Klaus Thormählen GmbH scope of works.

By means of the mobile flash-butt welding it is possible that the rail lengths are now transported from the mill directly to the welding site and welded in-situ without additives. Thus the detour to the welding mill has become superfluous as well as the subsequent loading on long rail transport vehicles. Another specific feature of this system is the automatic alignment of the rail. The advantages for our customers are considerable time savings and cost reduction by an average of 40 percent compared to the conventional procedure with consistently high execution quality.


All rail construction performance and maintenance services are in one hand – the bundled competence of Klaus Thormählen GmbH is shown at the Process Chain Jointless Rail. From the delivery of the rails over the unloading process up to the welding at site, we take over the complete transaction in all areas of responsibility with our local partners. The process chain “jointless rail” means quality for highest requirements in one hand. 

Company history

On 1st of June 1989 Thormählen Schweißtechnik GmbH was founded. Upon the thriving start followed the foundation of the branches in Berlin and Halle in 1990 as well as the fraction founding BUG. Already in 1992 the company’s expansion proceeded with the buildup of a further branch in Cologne.


With the Swiss company H.A. Schlatter AG, an international leading producer of electric resistance welding systems, a cooperation treaty was signed. In the course of this cooperation, 1995 the first mobile welding system was approved after 6 months of testing. 2000 the according certification was carried out as well as the conferment of the quality prize of the monitoring community for railroad construction (ÜGG).

In the year 2006 the business was taken over by Klaus Thormählen GmbH. One year later the cooperation company THORMAHLEN-KALEBOZAN KAYNAK TEKNOLOJILERI ANONIM SRKETI in Ankara was founded; also a new branch of Klaus Thormählen GmbH in Israel.

Complete scope of services:

• in-situ flash-butt welding
• aluminothermic welds (SKV, SmWF, SRZ, etc.)
• electric joint welding
• production of rail groundings
• welding reconditioning of switches and rails
• performance of grindings and burrings including corrugation grinding
• in-situ production of insulated rail joints
• production of jointless track
• performance of the "process chain jointless rail"
• shortening of switch blades